Working with an Online Therapist

Meeting an online therapist is like going on a blind date. Unless they’ve been personally recommended to you, or you’ve stalked their social long enough, most likely you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into when you walk into that first meeting or Zoom session with a therapist.

What’s it going to be like?

“Who am I meeting?”

“Can they help me?”

It’s normal to be nervous, especially if this is your first time seeking therapy. Yet, finding an online therapist has never been easier. And, you can get started right away.

What Is An Online Therapist?

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An online therapist is just like a “regular” therapist, except their counseling practice is located 100% online. This offers several benefits. Firstly, not having office space cuts down on overhead, passing the savings onto you, the client. Typically, online therapy fees are lower, especially when you can book directly with the therapist rather than subscribe via an app.

Secondly, an online therapist is much more available and more likely to have office hours that work for you. After all, we are working from home too, and we all know what that means… PJ’s! (ha!) … and flexibility.

Thirdly, working with an online therapist means that the commitment risk is LOW. If you start therapy, and don’t like the experience, you haven’t even wasted any gas.

Plus, research shows that telemental health is equivalent to face-to-face care! Written nearly three years ago, when online therapy was just beginning to take off, this American Psychiatric Association article supports its use for many people and populations, particularly those who live far from quality care, or members of the military living abroad. With COVID-19 and all the stress and anxiety it brings, working with an online therapist has never been a better idea.

Experience Matters!

You want to bring your complicated problems to an online therapist who’s been in the field a while, not someone who is just scrambling to figure out how everything works. You want to get help quickly, and not waste time with trial and error. Like mine, your time is valuable, and that matters to me, as well.

After 15 years of counseling, not much can surprise me.

I’ve met just about every type of person from all walks of life. Literally, I have seen it all. Problems come in all shapes and sizes, like people, and all cultures, too. People looking for an online therapist have come from around the US and the Globe. What’s more, my favorite clients enjoy learning and growing in novel ways.

What sets me apart from the average online therapist is my drive. Truly, my unwavering commitment to understand who you are, where you come from, and what your problem involves means that you get the best kind of attention.

Additionally, you get the care and professional support you need. And you get it, fast. Years of experience plus the new mode of online therapy equals better results.

In therapy, it really is all about YOU.

What an Online Therapist Does

My job is to listen and help you better understand yourself and your feelings and concerns, to give feedback for solving complex life situations, and to provide guidance for achieving personal growth and manifesting the life you’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready to see what that might be like, keep reading.

Clients who work with me must be willing and ready to do:

Learn :::  I like for my clients to understand why we do what we do and to feel informed throughout the therapy process. Being informed in your own care helps keep you committed to it. You won’t find woo-woo here, but the mind-body connection is a real thing, and I will teach about that both directly and through homework and exercises for you to learn for yourself what a huge effect a small change can make.

Work :::  Therapy is not something that happens to you, it’s something you do for yourself. It’s a teamwork process between client and online therapist, with specific goals in mind. No goals are accomplished without some amount of effort, so roll up your sleeves and get ready!

Connect :::  This might be the scariest part for most people. Getting past whatever is blocking you from living your best life requires a certain vulnerability and openness that can be difficult at times, but I promise, I will make it as painless as possible. Past clients have told me I have a knack for pinpointing their emotions even when they can’t seem to label them.

A large aspect of what I offer as an online therapist is a mirror with which to see your own self… especially those unhelpful thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that are keeping you in this unhealthy pattern or cycle, which are hard to see without outside help. 

Ready to Reach Out?

Let’s see if working with an online therapist is right for you. Send me a message or book now!

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