Therapy Success Stories

Today I received one of the sweetest notes of my life.

Not to slight my adorable kiddos who have always made me feel loved with their artwork and heartfelt messages, but when I get words of affirmation (yes, one of my Love Languages!) from a client it just makes my heart feel SO full.

I pour my whole heart and soul into the work I do.

Even when my sinuses hurt or my own heart is aching, I show up to each session ready to meet the client where they are at— the first thing I learned in social work school.

I do that thing so many therapists claim they do: I hold space for clients’ feelings.

But more than that, I challenge them to hold space for THEMSELVES.

To me, therapy is about a lot more than just “feeling good.” It’s not even just about mental health, although that is a huge and important piece of my clinical practice.

The biggest thing therapy is about– for me, as a therapist and a client myself– is growth.

Therapy Is About Finding Out Who YOU Are, And What Matters To YOU

A lot of this work is scary, because in order to find out who you are, you have to take a look at where you come from.

And this, my friend, takes courage.

Thankfully, my clients have a brave and trusty leader to show them the path back to themselves.

Together, we:

  • Often take a visit to their childhood, to traumas, to uncomfortable or painful aspects of themselves that they partly want to improve and partly want to pretend don’t exist.
  • Explore relationships that no longer work, and what it might mean to re-vamp or let those relationships go.
  • Peek into the future and explore how the client might create the full and happy life they’ve always wanted and deserve.

The Best Feedback I Ever Got

Back to today.

A client I have worked with since the beginning of lockdown is finally ready to say goodbye. She has put in three months of weekly sessions plus detailed messaging and completing homework.

She learned how to start and maintain a daily self-care practice, including yoga, exercise, and healthy eating. She discovered her body needs way more protein than she usually gets.

It turns out she’s amazing at cooking, crafting, and re-wiring her brain from depression to hope.

Here’s the review she left me, and asked if I would share.

The hope is that others will be inspired by the growth she was able to do by fully engaging in this process of heartfelt, genuine therapy work. The work of growth.

Body, mind, and spirit.

Hi Melissa,

Before my contract ends, I’d like to thank you for all the work you put in to me. From the get go, I felt very safe and at ease with you. You helped me many times in pinpointing the source of my problems.

Thanks to you, I no longer feel sadness nor resentment when I think of my father.

I no longer am trapped in my mother’s wishes.

I have an amazing relationship with my boyfriend.

I was able to end the toxic relationship with my manager.

All of the above are thanks to your support. I probably couldn’t have done it without you:)

I would text you though e-mail when I feel like I need to talk to you. Until then:)

–L. Age 25. Tokyo, Japan

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