Death, Love, and Making Room for Grief

This spring, a quote resonated with people all across social media. It didn’t come from a famous celebrity or well-respected guru. The inspirational message sprang from the mouth of a Marvel character on Disney’s Wanda Vision. Wanda suffers from amnesia surrounding the death of her husband, Vision, and because she is a superhero, she creates […]

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Walk and Talk Therapy

For years, whenever I’ve had something difficult to process, I’ve laced up my shoes and started walking. More often than not, I’d bring along my husband, a trusted friend, or dial up my brother, one of my closest friends. We’d walk and talk therapy-like sometimes for hours, weaving in and out of painful feelings and […]

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Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine just may be the miracle drug that we’ve all been waiting for. Recent studies show rapid improvements in depression and even PTSD symptoms in as little as 24 hours, as opposed to an average of 6 weeks on SSRIs (the most common type anti-depressant medications). When paired with psychotherapy sessions during the Ketamine therapy […]

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How to Get Unblocked From the Past

Many of us are stuck in self-destructive patterns in relationships, at home and at work, and we want to move on from them. But, we can’t quite find the “determination,” “willpower,” or “commitment” to do so. What if it’s not a problem of willpower or commitment? What if these chronic problems are a symptom of something deeper, something stuck just out of your reach?

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Healing Trauma

An epidemic of trauma The COVID-19 Pandemic and Trauma Trauma has never before been so widespread, and so openly discussed. However, there is a lot more knowledge to be shared and learned. Organizations like the Veterans Administration and Beauty After Bruises are fantastic resources actively promoting awareness and working to increase access to services. Incredibly, […]

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