With all that’s going on in the world, you deserve to have a place where you can vent and get support, without judgement. Online therapy is here, for good. It’s fast, easy, and– you don’t even have to get out of your PJ’s! Why not try online therapy for yourself and see what everyone is talking about?

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online therapy Clients say:

“Melissa Yost is a very warm, understanding therapist. She is very good at helping me find my own answers and empowering me. She is very kind and makes me feel safe and respected.”

L.O. June 2020, International Online Client

“Melissa has been great at understanding where my issues stem from and helping deconstruct some of the negative thought patterns in my head. She is very compassionate and kind. I felt very secure in confiding to her.”

Online Client, California, September 2020

Melissa has really helped me deal with my anxiety in therapy. She is easy to talk to and has given me helpful tools and strategies.

K.A. July 2020
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“I honestly never expected to just feel better at any point, at least not this soon, but for real thanks to Melissa! I’ve been feeling a lot better.

She listens, understands and takes action with you in baby steps and exercises towards a place where you’ll just feel better about yourself and everything around you!”

S.A. June 2020, Saudi Arabia

“I highly recommend Melissa as a counselor. I’ve been working with her for almost three months now and she has been most helpful from day one.She would listen to me intently and is good at creating a comfortable and safe environment that I can spill all my emotions out.

She was also good at pinpointing the source of my trauma and helps me made sense of the situation I’m in.”

L.E. August 2020

“I didn’t think online therapy could be so helpful… but it was perfect. Melissa worked with me to help me find a way to get the help I need at a price I can afford. I’m so glad I finally found the right therapist for me.”

Online Client, September 2020

“I was sceptical about how effective online counselling would be, especially not having done it before. Melissa has been so helpful in highlighting things I wasn’t aware of and helping me work through them, offering great advice throughout. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

J.A. August 2020

“I’ve been living through a family crisis for the past couple of months that was magnified by the covid-19 lockdown and many other factors, working with Melissa helped me transform this crisis into a positive force in my life.

She is a great listener and has genuine interest to help and support. Her engagement in the conversations through the video call sessions or texting or worksheet suggestions are very helpful.

In such complex situation that I’m living through it’s really essential to have a professional support and I’m so glad and thankful to be working with Melissa.”

A.M. July 2020

Melissa is super compassionate and an amazing therapist. She’s a great listener and always has great ideas/advice to get me thinking. Highly recommend!

T.V. August 2020
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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

“She does a fantastic job helping with whatever I have needed to talk about. She does her research and knows what to say about everything.”

International Online Therapy Client, August 2020

“Melissa, I can’t thank you enough for the work you did with our son’s anxiety therapy. It really has been very beneficial for him and for us of course!  Thank you, for touching and leaving such a great impression in our families’ life!”

B.D. August 2017, Orlando, FL

Melissa has been great to work with and has given me a lot of helpful advice in our online therapy sessions.

N.E. July 2020

She’s an excellent counselor and I’m doing much better since I started counseling with her.

Online client, Japan

Melissa has been a great support person for me over the last several weeks. She has really helped me to identify some significant issues within my relationship, and given me strategies to deal with those issues. We’ve also been able to identify some of my own unhealed childhood traumas, and different techniques how to deal with those. While I’m still working on things, I found Melissa to be incredibly understanding and very proficient in her skillset, patient and empathetic. She’s able to relate to me which also has made it a lot easier for me to really absorb her advice. She’s a great counselor and I truly appreciate everything she’s done for me.

Online Client, October 2020

As a member of the National Association of Social Workers, I am committed to promoting social justice through actively using my voice in online platforms and in my community. In this unprecedented time of political and societal upheaval, I remain committed to reducing the impact of racial injustice-related trauma for people around the world. To that end, I only partner with organizations and individuals that align with my personal and professional values of enhancing human relationships, respecting the dignity and worth of the person at all times, social justice at any cost, professional competence, moral integrity and engaging in acts of service.

Melissa Yost, LCSW February 2021