How to Get Unblocked From the Past

Many of us are stuck in self-destructive patterns in relationships, at home and at work, and we want to move on from them. But, we can’t quite find the “determination,” “willpower,” or “commitment” to do so. What if it’s not a problem of willpower or commitment? What if these chronic problems are a symptom of something deeper, something stuck just out of your reach?

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Healing Trauma

An epidemic of trauma The COVID-19 Pandemic and Trauma Trauma has never before been so widespread, and so openly discussed. However, there is a lot more knowledge to be shared and learned. Organizations like the Veterans Administration and Beauty After Bruises are fantastic resources actively promoting awareness and working to increase access to services. Incredibly, […]

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Therapy Success Stories

Today I received one of the sweetest notes of my life. Not to slight my adorable kiddos who have always made me feel loved with their artwork and heartfelt messages, but when I get words of affirmation (yes, one of my Love Languages!) from a client it just makes my heart feel SO full. I […]

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Online Therapy: When to Seek Help

In this difficult time, many of us are feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, many people are turning to online therapy for relief! You are not alone. We have our OK days, we have our bad days. Good days… well, those are few and far between, of course. After all, it is a pandemic. Covid health worries, lockdown, […]

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Working with an Online Therapist

Meeting an online therapist is like going on a blind date. Unless they’ve been personally recommended to you, or you’ve stalked their social long enough, most likely you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into when you walk into that first meeting or Zoom session with a therapist. “What’s it going to be like?” […]

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